Baby Products

We offer a good selection of baby products in our Mini Market to save space in your suitcase and make your holiday even more convenient when traveling with infants.

Baby Foods

Porridge Apple & Peach From 6 months 120 gr
Porridge Strawberry & Banana From 6 months 120 gr
Hero Nano Tropical From 12 months 100 gr
Hero Nano Mediterranean From 12 months 100 gr
Hero Nano Banana and Strawberry From 12 months 100 gr
Hero Nano Orange, Banana and Cookie From 12 months 100 gr
Hero Nano Forrest Fruit From 36 months 100 gr
Hipp Biological carrot, potato and beef From 6 months 235 gr
Hipp Biological spaghetti with tomato and mozzarella From 8 months 235 gr
Hipp Biological vegetables with pasta and chicken From 12 months 235 gr

Please note some items may be sold out during the season.

Baby Hygiene

Pampers Baby Wipes 12 units
Dodot Baby Wipes 60 units
Johnson Baby Oil 300 ml
Johnson's Baby Lotion 300 ml
Johnson's Baby Shampoo 200 ml
Pacifiers 0-6 months 2 units
Feeding bottle 25 cl


Moltex Baby up T5
Moltex Baby up T6 15-23 kg 12 units
Pamper Maki T4 7-14 kg 12 units
Pamper Maki Plus T4+ 9-16 kg 18 units
Pamper Junior T5 11-25 kg 12 units
Moltex T3 4-10 kg 30 units
Moltex T4 9-15 kg 26 units
Moltex T5 13-20 kg 22 units
Moltex Swimming Diapers 7-12 kg 12 units
Moltex Swimming Diapers 11-15 kg 11 units

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