Rent a motorbike

Avda. S'Albufera 25, Platja de Muro. Telephone: 971 891 966
Contact the Help Desk for reservations.

Group A: Yamaha Neo's 50cc 6 HP
Group A1: Yamaha Cygnus 125cc 12 HP
Group B: Yamaha Star 250cc 15 HP

Group A A1 B
1-2 days 40.00 euro 45.00 euro 60.00 euro
3-6 days 38.00 euro 43.00 euro 58.00 euro
7 or more days 35.00 euro 40.00 euro 55.00 euro

Prices per day. Insurances, taxes and two helmets are included in the price.

Please note that Sunwing can not be responsible for any changes made by the rental company.