Activities for 0-2 years (Free of charge)

You and your child are welcome to join our free activities! Read more below. Please check the activity times and sign up in Holiday Planner.

Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land

Come on in! Children accompanied by their parents are welcome to visit Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land during the Open House sessions.

Meet Lollo & Bernie when they swing by and hang out with our Nordic Mini Land hosts several times a week . Have fun in different games and activities, read books, play board games, puzzles and paint.

We have a small selection of toys suitable for 0-2 year-olds in Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land. Look for the “Toys for Toddlers” sign.

Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land house is air conditioned and has an outdoor playground.

Lollo & Bernie's After Beach

Two days a week there will be sing-a-long, rhytmics and gentle moves for both old and young. Join us in Lollo & Bernie's After Beach!

Lollo & Bernie's Mini Disco 

Join in on the dancefloor several days a week and show Lollo & Bernie your favorite dance moves. Finish off with a Meet & Greet from our best friends Lollo & Bernie!

Movie Time

Watch an exciting Disney-, Pixar-, animated- or family movie. Relax and enjoy your holiday in Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land. Different international languages will be shown during the week.

Creative Time

Different creative themes every time in Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land. How about creating a bracelet, make a drawing for someone you like or joining in for a prince- & princess day?

Bye, Bye Pacifier!

Why not let your child grow up a little on your holiday? Come and leave the pacifier in Lollo & Bernie's Mini Land and receive a Lollo & Bernie diploma, as a proof that they have left the pacifier age.

Let's Go Green

Environmental activity! Lollo or Bernie visit Mini Land and teach everyone how to recycle and take care of our planet.

Mini Bingo

Join us in Lollo & Bernie's own Mini Bingo game with fun and exciting rules.