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Regardless of your goals and training experience, your personal trainer (PT) will help make your training motivating and efficient. Your personal trainer is a professional training partner who assists you in reaching your goals while at the same time teaching you a lot about training. He/She helps you with all aspects of your training – from getting started to creating goal-oriented training programs, e.g. losing weight or running a marathon.

Personal Trainer - Felicia

About me: My name is Felicia and I am from Sweden. I have been working as a Personal Trainer and with Group training for five years. This is my third summer at Sunwing Alcudia, and I just love this place.

Training Philosophy: Exercise should be fun and sustainable. It can be challenging to balance everyday life with training, so I like fast and efficient workouts. Functional strength training is what is closest to my heart. Whether you are training for a specific goal or if you are just looking for a good work out, I am here to help you.


Please note!

  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before treatment will be charged in full.